Thursday, August 02, 2007

The streak continues

Well, sort of.

I managed to make it to the club on time and played a solid tight game. I tripled up on a flopped nut flush, otherwise I was fairly card dead. I've mentioned before that playing in the salami game is akin to playing in the lion's den. These guys really throw their chips around, and I have to dial in my aggression a bit.

So what do you think was going through my head when I went to war with 56h?? Bonehead.

We were down to 8 or 9, blinds are 150/300, I have about 6k in front of me. I'm a little below average since I have played about 5 or 6 hands the whole night.

I limped UTG+1 with 56h. Mistake #1

Two callers and aggrodude #1 in the 9 seat makes it 6. He had been in alot of hands so I don't but him on anything major. Mistake #2

I call then the player in the 5 seat pushes about 1800 more out. Aggrodude calls and I convince myself to go ahead and pay for the flop. Mistake#3

The flop had 6Jx and 2 spades. Aggrodude pushed the rest of his chips in (~2500) I put him on overs or a flush draw and call. Mistake #4

I lose to JT and I'm left with scraps.....ugh I was disgusted with myself.

I took off and blasted back to the Hotel to get some food and enter the Mook, only to commit my chips to a flush draw sometime after the first break. Some donks will never learn.

On the continuing streak front I did get a call from Jordan letting me know he took 2nd. Someone I know made money at least. So, drinks are on him the next time I'm up here.

It was cool to meet LJ as well, I'm only sorry I didn't hang out to chat after the tourney. I will definitely be down for a more social visit the next time I'm up.


HighOnPoker said...

For any cross-readers, "aggro dude" is referred to as Mr. A5 in my post. He certainly made an impression.

"The Rake" said...

I read both post. Sounded like a very interesting table.