Friday, August 03, 2007


I know I am!

NFL gets underway soon and that means 2 things to you...

1. Head to Head fantasy football league ($10-20)

2. NFL Pickem' League ($10-20)

I'd like to get 12-14 players for H2H and everyone should play some pickem.

Pickem' info:

In order to join the group, just go to Pro Football Pick'em, click the "Sign Up" button (or "Create or Join Group" if you are a returning user). From there, follow the path to join an existing private group and when prompted, enter the following information...

Group ID#: 14591
Password: hammer

Please sign up with your FT or PS screen name.

Please send me an e-mail or post here if you are interested in the Fantasy league. I'll create the league once I have an idea how many teams we've got.


meanhappyguy said...

(in my best Scotty Nguyen accent)
We love you, baby!

Were you in Hoy's Pickem league last year? He might be running another one this year. I'd be up for $10/$20 in both pickem and fantasy.

23skidoo said...

Yes, I was in that last year. I've got a few players in the pickem so far. I didn't get any response to the Fantasy league, so I may just scrap that. I went ahead and joined one with Chad.

Pokerwolf said...

I'm in for Pickem!

Blinders said...

Hoy about some pimpage! This is a fantasy sports site that is owned and operated by bloggers for gods sake, and you even play on it and know it kicks ass. We will be running a contest called "Sunday's with Dr. Pauly" that will be blogger filled, and even some "Speaker Specials" for those who hate spending thier salary cap money.
Of course we pay most of the money back in prizes, and these sites you mention keep most of the money.