Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Panic on the streets

After a few cocktails, I decided it was best just to head back to the hotel. I paid my tab and started walking down the street. Well, I thought to myself it might be a good idea to see if I could find a place to get a 6-pack and maybe rent a movie to pass out to.

I get to Fifth Avenue and take a look to the left. I see a line of folks coming out of a building a little ways down, so I naturally decide to investigate. I walk down the avenue, visions of seeing the beautiful people packed in a trendy New York club. I get a half block away and realize its a bunch of sheeple standing outside the Empire State Building.

No worries, cause there was a CVS close by. I wanted a smoke and to see if I could make the 6-pack thing happen. Low and behold CVS had cold single beers and 12 packs.....what's a thirsty boy to do? Duh, go for the twelver of course!

I decided at that point that it may just be a long night for me. I grabbed the drinks and smokes and head back to the confines of my room. I noticed on the way in that there was a large contingent of folks going in and out of the place across the kabob place. I registered it for some reason, thinking it was strange.

Back in the cool closet disguised as a hotel room, I fired up the TV and browsed around. I didn't feel like a movie, or TV, or even Nintendo.

I couldn't resist much longer....I needed cards to complete my holy trinity of degeneracy.

I slipped on my slippers, stashed a beer in my pocket with my smokes and head outside. For some reason I had it in my mind that there were shenanigans afoot at the Kabob place. I really wanted to check it out.

I stepped outside and strolled down the block sipping my beverage and dragging off the cig. I took a conspicuous spot across the street and watched.

Lots of cab drivers coming in and out..they were just getting food. Why the heck was this place packed?? I couldn't resist. I finished the beer and head across the street into a heavy curry fog.

I didn't take me long to figure out I was wrong. I walked past the food counter into a room with several televisions on the wall. Here all the guys sat, talking in their native tongues. Few took notice of me, but I was fairly freaking sure there were no cards going on here, and if there was; I was not on the guest list.

So I turned and realized I had to save face to the imaginary people that were now watching me. I had to order some food, and did, even though I had no intention of eating it.

I quickly paid then fled to the relative safety of my hotel room. There was no way out, I 'needed' to play some cards now, I had no choice. I fired up the old laptop and downloaded FT for the umpteenth time on this laptop.

I unfortunately forgot to save any hand histories of my play, does anyone know of a way to get hand histories from FT if you did not select to save them? I e-mailed support, but who knows if I'll get a response.

Anyway, I played in a $10 and a $20 SNG, and got 3rd in the $10, but I was bored and feeling frisky, so I decided to look for a cash game.

In my stupor, I decided to fire up the 8/16 HORSE table that had Keith Sexton on it. There were only 5 people there when I sat, with rolls between $150 and $500. I joined in with 300 just to play a few hands for the hell of it.

I can only imagine I was playing wild and loose, because I distinctly remember betting off several hands and taking some fairly good pots. I remember thinking to myself that I would get caught eventually and would have to leave.

I racked up about twice my buy in and Richard "the Quiet Lion" Brodie joined in. I don't remember any chat, as I was half way finished with my CVS purchase. I racked up to over a grand at the table and cashed out around $825. The angles were smiling on me I suppose.

If I get any sort of hand history, I'll have to go through it, 'cause I honestly can't remember any hands I played....pretty sad huh?

I guess thats all for now, but I am chomping at the bit to play more cards, but I have to try and wait just a little longer.

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