Friday, April 13, 2007


wait for it.....

I'm a donk!!!! Who'd a thunk it???

Yeah, I suppose this isn't news to a great deal of you. But I think I am uniquely gifted at giving away money at the poker table. On the plus side I'm a pretty fun guy to be around, especially if I'm facing you at the tables where I just open up my little pockets for you to take what's mine. That said, knowing is half the battle, and I'll keep battling it until i run out of freely spendable income (which may happen VERY soon).

So in that vein, you ATL folks feel free to come get some of my hard earned cash tonight!!

If you didn't already get an e-mail, let me know and I'll send you the particulars.


KajaPoker said...

.... and once again I miss out on the ATL-PBT because I am doing other things. I didn't even get an e-mail this time. I hope you're not giving up on me yet.

23skidoo said...

Nah, this was just a spur of the moment invite. It's my regular monthly game, so consider yourself invited from here on out.

shoot me an e-mail, cause I can't seem to locate yours.

Raveen said...


KajaPoker said...

sooooo I looked everywhere and can't find your e-mail either. Just find me at kajaguguATbellsouthDOTnet or YIM kajagugu. I might be hosting our neighborhoods monthly next month (first friday), so let me know if you can make it.