Friday, March 16, 2007




I've booked my flight and hotel for Okie Vegas. I'll be arriving at Will Rodgers on Thursday afternoon and staying through Sunday afternoon. I have a room at the Extended Stay near the Airport, hopefully its not a dump. I'm setting the over under at 16 hours of sleep for those three days, I'm thinking its pretty generous. If anyone wants to split the room or whatever, just let me know. It could be arranged.

I got a killer deal from Priceline BTW, less than $500 for the room and direct flights to and fro. So book now!!!

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GaryC said...

That's awesome 23Skiddoo, I am already looking forward to it. Email me at work (the address is on my blog) and let me know the particulars. Depending what time you are getting in and anybody else is getting in to OKC, we might head straight to the lake from the airport.

Let me know,