Thursday, March 08, 2007

chew on this

Hi boys and girls, just a little update and miscellaneous post from yours truly.

The Fantasy Baseball league is filling up nicely now, we have 5 in and 5 to go, so if you're on the fence go ahead and join up, theres money to be made here folks.. you like money! I like money, you like money too??

I can't believe you like money too. We should hang out.

Speaking of money, I'm planning on funding some new accounts when I get back from my self imposed hiatus. I'm going to chase some bonuses and get my bankroll back to where it was in December. It will take awhile, starting I think with three or four hundo. I want to focus on SNG's, so I'll try to emulate the smokkee school of bankroll building even though I won't be able to play more than once or twice a week.

I'll be playing some live poker on Friday as it is my monthly poker game in the neighborhood. I found out this morning there is a huge contingent of women who went to Destin for the weekend, so my turnout may not be so hot. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST, CC is organizing a little game at his place and I will do my damnedest to hit that game up if at all possible. Turns out its a who's who of Atlanta poker bloggers with weak, transfish, kurokitty , surf, butchhoward and flagstaff (not an Atlanta blogger, duh). I'd be remiss if I didn't make it, but I have my n'hood responsibilities to think of. In a perfect world my regular game won't have enough players and I can head over to CC's which is only 15 minutes away.

You kids have a safe and fun weekend, and pray the shit does not hit the proverbial fan when half the computers in the world don't know what time it is.

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