Monday, February 25, 2008

We're not short, we're player challenged!

Friday night brought 6 combatants to the oval of fire (or my poker table in the basement).

Steely (or stealy) eyed and confident we gathered for a marathon of guts, determination, and glory (or 6-max $1/$2 NLHE). What emerged was one man, one gladiator who bludgeoned his opponents into weary submission (or I was a card rack).

Friday I had three cancellations which brought me from a solid 8-9 to a solid 6. Then BrianMc in the ultimate show of loyalty (or stupidity) brought his work phone to the table (he was 'on-call') and actually answered the damn thing when it rang. After 2 hands we were down to 5, but luckily it didn't bother anyone too much.

George's buddy got stacked when I rivered broadway to beat his pair of jacks. After an hour or so of loose passive play, he decided he had better things to do than to donate any more to us.

Four handed still played relatively conservative and no one else lost too much.

I can remember 2 other interesting hands with Aaron, for some reason I got FPS (fancy play syndrome) a few times in hands vs him.

I was playing the LAG role for a little bit and so far it was working out. I saw A9o in late position and called a 4x raise from Aaron. IIRC the flop came Ad3d5x I check-called a $10 bet. Then next card I don't remember but I'm pretty sure it was a diamond. I checked behind. 4x was the river and I figured to be beat by a straight, but took a while to consider my options. I thought if I could bet the pot, a low straight might fold, figuring me for a higher straight or a flush. So I bet $35 and Aaron thought for a bit, trying to piece together the hand. He asked if I turned my flush and like a dumbass I answered no. He didn't have to take much longer after that and took a decent pot with the 6 high straight. I'm not sure if I could have convinced him I had the flush though as he stated he was only considering a re-raise or call.

In another very similar hand when I had the Spade flush draw, I called down to the river and hit the straight and he could not call my pot sized bet on the river. So two different hands against a cash player that I respect greatly with similar contexts and he makes the correct decision in both.

I really hope I can get to that point of analysis when I can make educated decisions given the context of the hand.

It was a fun game and I appreciate everyone who made the drive!

I'm NOT giving up on this game, I'm going to keep pushing it until it is me and Surf flipping coins for $20 a pop. So you Atlanta bloggers need to step the fuck up and play!! Lets start throwing dates out for March. The first half of March is already a minefield for me, so I'm looking for someone to pick up the reigns for a week night game (ahem ahem).

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KajaPoker said...

Sorry I missed it. I stepped off an 11 hour flight at 3:30pm so there was no chance I would be able to get there.