Thursday, February 14, 2008

If ya ain't first...

you're last. - Reese Bobby

Oh the humanity, 4 blogger final tables in a row and the best I can muster is 5th place....what a shame.

I know its not empirical data, but obviously something is wrong with my end game. I either ramp up the aggression too high, or just overvalue my hands or my image. Whatever the case may be, it really blows not being able to hit a top 3 spot in 4 consecutive MTT's when I have the chiplead at the final table in 2 of them.

In both cases I ran marginal hands into Aces and crippled myself. So just let it be known that if you have aces, slow play them vs me, cause I'm a donk and will happily double you up.

Since I laid a bad beat on Hoy early on (see below) I decided to go ahead and take some screenshots.

With the 1500 starting stack (which I love btw Mook!)I started out fairly tight since there was plenty of action and I was getting crap. I lost a pretty big pot with TT vs KK and scraped back up to ~T1200.

I had been extremely weak in my blind vs Hoy and he picked several blinds from me. Here I intended to win the hand preflop by overplaying AK oop, unfortunately Hoy wasn't stealing.

Blinds are 30/60 and both hoy and myself are near mid position with the button on the 9 seat and he and I in seat 5 and 6 respectively. He raises to 180 and I reraise over half my stack, comitting myself to the pot. Hoy just calls, which sort of confuses me.

His stance was that all the money is going in eventually, so he might as well check it down.
hoyazo: i know we're allin for all 5 cards no matter what i do once you raise so big pf there, so whats the diff, right?
Does anyone else employ that strategy? In his place I go ahead and get them all in preflop, but I'm a donkey..anyway here's the result.

Yeah, runner runner runner....gross.

Here, the shoe is on the other foot and I get plenty o'chips to coast for awhile.

A great setup as I'm in the BB with Aces and have 2 raises in front of me. BSN gets out when I re-raise from 500 to 1200 and muchtim nearly doubles me and I pretty much fold to the final table.

Unlike last week when I came into the FT with a nice lead. I was ahead of only 1 player with only 7 spots paying. emptyman doubled me up when checked his flopped top pair and I slow played this monster turn.(sarcasm intended)

This next hand worked out pretty good. Blinds are 250/500 and I near min raise in LP 3x (1200) with 66 and get reraised by Sandtiger who I've seen make some questionable plays early on. I smooth call hoping for a fortuitous flop and hit my set.

This hand gives me a pretty nice lead, but we all know I cant handle having chips.

I get 66 again and try to steal blinds corron10 (shortstack) calls and hits.

This hand really hurt as empty played his aces perfectly (EP limp FTW!), knowing I would pounce on any perceived weakness.

Bottom pair is gold!

That hand got me back to shortstack, this next one really bugs me.
I have ~9k and raise my button to T3500 JJ pushes and I lay it down. I might should have called seeing some of the other plays JJ was making, but I had a feeling I was beat. Looking at it now, I probably had to call here.

Here's my swan song, obv the Ace hit and IGH in 6th.....

Big shout out goes to empty as he played a great final table IMO and deserved to take it down.


Riggstad said...

"F" the variance...

The time will come, and they will rue the day!

Well played, sick coolers, horrible set ups...

good to see you to!

BamBam said...

Always great to see you at the tables Ski. Always my pleasure, anyway!