Friday, February 15, 2008

A comedy of arrows

Yesterday pretty much sucked, but it was funny nonetheless.

My wife is currently in ultra mega double secret school tilt as she takes more and more opportunities to do more and more work.....I gotta hand it to her, there's no effing way I could do that amount of work while retaining my sanity.

I got handed a fairly difficult and time consuming project yesterday and stayed at work till about 6:30. My plans of stopping for a little gift and some groceries to make dinner wasn't looking so good.

I stopped by the Chinese place near the house and ordered for us. I ran across the street to grab V-day cards for the wife and kids, and a nice box o' chocolates. (no it's not lazy, it's traditional!) I then ran over to the liquor store and found a phat bottle of sake.

My plan was thus: I cram the cards and chocolates into my laptop bag, come storming in the house, hurried and frustrated and say I have work to keep doing. Then I spring the gifts out of my bag unexpectedly and we have a nice little pseudo surprise. Part 2 of the plan was that I then say I gotta go get my phone out of the car and come back in with our Chinese feast!

I stormed into the house and no one was one came running to the door yelling DAAAAADDYYYY, the wife wasn't in the kitchen exasperatedly trying to feed the children. best laid plans. Rach was huddled in front of the computer and the kids were downstairs watching TV. 'Hi Daddy' I heard from the basement. At least they said hi.

My loving wife's first words to me were "I'll be done in 20 minutes, can you do something with them?" Hmm, not working out for me so far, but I feel the love. The kids came running up stairs and I gave them their cards and showed the chocolates to them.

The kids ran into the office and told my wife that I've got something for her, and she relents...."ok, ok lets go to the den and open our presents." I gave her the chocolates and she gives me a look. It is not a nice look. My son speaks up "Dad, don't you remember Mom gave up candy for Lent?" DOOOOHH

I had to laugh and so did she luckily. She handed me a smallish sized red box and I opened a nice portable speaker system for an ipod.

I turned to her and said "WOW, did you get me an iPod too?", she returned a confused look which turned into surprise. "Oh my god, you broke your iPod didn't you?" "Yeah, in JUNE!" I replied.

I guess you had to be there but it was freaking hilarious. Dinner was damn good though.

One good reason for our dismissal of V-day is that on Saturday Rachel's folks are coming to take the kids for the night and we get a nice quiet day (and night) alone!

We will return to Dante's Down the Hatch, the restauraunt we met at 12 years ago. Should be a good time.

You kids have a good weekend y'hear!

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