Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

Oh it was another banner weekend in the 'burbs!

Friday's festivities started at the office where we celebrated quatro de mayo with margaritas, quervo shots and a little beer. I stuck around the office till seven or so and left with a tasty little buzz.

I had earlier decided to make the trip over to the Westside and play at Kajagugu's home game. He graciously allowed me to invite ex blogger Todd and my big brother to join in the festivites.

We were ushered into his beautiful home to defile the basement. I was very impressed with Kaja's tables and Chips, but homie needs some real cards.
I eventually couldn't take it anymore and got some Copags out of the car. I guess I'm a card be it.

I played my usual brand of drunken-agg donkery and donated 3 buy ins, as well as nearly half my online bankroll while I was waiting on another game.

However, I did have a bunch of fun seeing Brain, my brother, and surf. It reminded me a little of my neighborhood game as it seems some folks will play (and win) with any two cards. It was an interesting mix of drunken noobs, (kaja's female neighbor) drunken bloggers (ahem), and solid players (everyone else).

I'm looking forward to scheduling another APBT this summer so stay tuned. I'm thinking August right now, but I'm really hoping another blogger will make good on their promise to host one before I'm forced to do it again.

Saturday was the real cinco de mayo, and I was graciously allowed to sleep till 9am. Those of you with children will understand.

I took the kids up to the park and we watched my wife play some really excellent tennis and her team won their first playoff match. After tennis, we went home and cleaned up a bit before heading to a party at a friends house. We played horeshoes (undefeated), a little baseball and hoops (no scores), and a few little $5 sngs...(2/4)
It was a wonderfully long but relaxing day.

Not much happened on Sunday, as the wife had another match and the girls had a b-day party. I took master P out for lunch, and we threw the ball for a bit. Then I took the kids over the the in-laws to work on their computer and let the kids swim for a bit.

All in all it was another one of those salad-days type weekends that I treasure, a whole lot of fun and sun.

I have a consulting project that I need to get done this week. So I doubt I'll be able to play in the BBT games this week. Not that I'm a big threat to win or anything, but I'm really liking this series and hope to make a strong run in the 2nd half.

You kids have a good week on the tables and we'll see you around!

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Gadzooks64 said...

I'm a total card snob, too.

Well card and chip.

I don't blame you at all for getting the Copags out of the car. I have four sets including one 4 color set that I LOVE in spite of some of my friends that HATE them.

I play euchre once a month with the neighbors. You would be shocked at the cards we've used. I liked the movie Napolean Dynomite but I DON'T WANT TO PLAY WITH A DECK OF CARDS WITH HIS PICTURE ON THEM!