Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Had a good weekend. I hosted my Tennis team's party, tested out my new grill and managed not to destroy the basement despite the 8 guys vying for spots on the beer pong tournament. Yea, mid thirty and forty year olds still play beer pong.

My wife, the acrobat, managed to break her damn foot at some point in the evening. She was getting a hard to reach glass from the kitchen and missed the dismount. Fortunately she didn't require a hard cast and should be able to get around in a week or so. It will most likely take about 6 weeks to heal.

Sunday I played Don's Big Game. I stayed tight for the most part and played fairly well in my opinion. About 12 handed I missed a steal attempt, and had to wait until 10 handed to push AQo into an unraised pot. I got called by A6 that rivered a straight. I wasn't mad, but disappointed. One would hope to avoid that kind of play in a bigger game, but bloggers are bloggers I suppose.

I popped up the computer on the second hour of 24 and decided to try for a token. I managed to get one despite being down to 100 chips very early on.

My mind was never into the game as my table was fairly rocky. I got bored after the first break and made a dumb move with 3rd pair. I folded despite the fact I was committed and went down a few hands later.

I'm going to NY on Thursday, but have not gotten anyone to meet up with. Maybe I should just get some rest. I sure could use it.

You kids have a good week and I'll see you around.

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