Monday, May 14, 2007

Seven Things and a weekend wrap up.

Just like my fine tagger Jordan, I was beginning to feel just like I did in 4th grade kickball. But not only did I finally get tagged, but I got tagged twice, the second coming from fellow ATLien CC . Thanks guys!

Now onto seven things....

1. I worked at 6 Flags over Georgia for 3 seasons. First year in food service, second and third in rides. I became an operator of Air Racer and an attendant at The Dahlonega Mine Train when I was 16 years old. Both rides had malfunctioned 2 years prior. I had nothing to do with it.

2. I am somewhat ambidextrous - I play golf, throw frisbee (including disk golf) and play tennis with both hands. I am left dominant though and pride myself for being in my 'right' mind.

3. In High School and my first year of college I wanted to be an actor. I finally came to the realization that I was not very good, and moved on to smoking pot and playing ultimate frisbee, which I was far better at.

4. I am a huge music fan. I believe I have a fairly good ear for music. I used to have multiple hundreds of cassette tapes and CD's. I was also a DJ for a local bar and for Album 88, Georgia State's college radio station, one of the largest student-run stations in the world. I got relieved of my duties shortly after a shift in which I played Joy Division exclusively.

5. I am irrationally afraid of identical twins.

6. I've been engaged to two women named Rachel. I married the right one, thank god!

7. I accidentally found a career. In the late 90's I had 2 jobs, Waiter/Bartender and part-time grip (commercials-tradeshows). A high school friend offered me a job working for him as desktop support for a small company. Now I am Director of IT at an internet marketing company.

I tag fellow Atlantans:

Kelly - Come out of the foxhole buddy!

This weekend was filled with pokery and non-pokery goodness. I started on Friday with my monthly neighborhood poker game. I went out halfway in the first tournament on a busted flush draw with second pair.
We started a cash game and played 1/2 with an 8 dollar limit. I do my best to keep it friendly as I have some players who want to keep upping the stakes. I ran the table over and made about $100 in an hour or so, but my crowning achievement was taking down the second tournament which we upped to a $40 entry. I finished the night up over $400, which is a nice bump for my limits.

Saturday MasterP received his first communion and we had various family members over for presents and snacks. I spent most of Saturday recovering from Friday though. I was exhausted.

Sunday was Mother's day of course, and we went over to the in-laws house so the kids could swim. The kids each made very nice presents for their mother, and being the slacker I only got my wife a card. I feel bad cause I really intended to get her a little something, but I just didn't make the time. She was reasonably pissed off at me, so I will have to try and make it up.

You guys have a great week. I'll be able to play in the MOOK, but probably nothing else this week. See you around.


mowenumdown said...

Good stuff!

Doog said...

I don't know how I didn't have you on my Bloglines - but that's been fixed. Good read!