Friday, June 04, 2010

Day 18

Sorry for the dissapearing act, I've had a head cold all week, but I'm feeling a bit better today. Sickness really helps a diet I believe. I've crossed the 230 barrier and was sitting at 228 this morning. I'm beginning to understand the importance of exercise I believe. I feel like I've been starving myself and have only lost 8 pounds. I'm going to jump into July and really try to up the exercise.

I'm going to  take the wife on a real date this weekend to take advantage of the kids being gone. The house is really quiet when they're not around and we've had the chance to catch up on some cleaning etc. I've wondered more than a couple times this week what we talked about before we became parents. It's not a struggle, but its just odd to catch myself searching for a conversation. Anyway, the beat goes on and I'm glad to be out of the haze of a head cold. It should be a good weekend as tennis kicks back in. Summer is mixed season, so me and the wife get to team up tomorrow. I'll be doing some stretching tonight.

Oh, I twittered it but in case you don't follow me @iam23skidoo my lovely wife got the news that she passed the bar! It's a huge weight off of both of our shoulders, I assure you. I had no idea how much it was affecting her until about 3 days before getting the results. She broke down in a rare weak moment and shared her deep fear that she failed and how that failure was so deeply tied to her feeling of self worth. I tried to assure her that no matter what the results, she is in many ways my hero and my motivation for being a better person. Congratulations Rachel, it was a long journey from sitting on our little porch 5 years ago, going over the pros and cons of sending you to school, buying a new house, and not killing each other. We accomplished all those things and more. We are still friends and that's all that matters.

You kids have a good weekend, be careful out there.

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