Sunday, September 23, 2007

The results show.

I hate to break it to you, but 90% of the time I see a blogger posting results, stats and stuff, I skip it. So if you'd rather not analyze some results with me, I completely understand. There isn't a more self serving, banal subject (to me at least) than results.

There's your disclaimer, feel free to move along.

As I said, I started last week with 2 deposits on 2 sites. 100 on FT and 200 on PS.

I am starting this journey at the most donkish of limits.

I want to focus on MY play, getting reads and acting on them.

Starting on stars Tuesday with 200.12
I began with a 1.20 one table SNG and took 1st for 3.30 profit.
I switch up a bit and play a 3.40 HORSE SNG taking 3rd for 1.40 profit.

I'm pretty sure I'm a better player than 80-90% of these players especially in non hold'em games. I think I will vary my games at these levels in order to raise my EV.

Next up on Tuesday was a 45 person 1.10 OH/8 game. I went out in 18th when I bricked up on the river with 47 outs. OK actually I had 2 pair and a flush draw, the river paired the board and my opponent called all the way with AA.

Last up on day one was a Stud MTT. I played nearly three hours but only managed 28th place for an .82c profit.

So I gained a little over 2% of my bankroll on day one. I keep having to remind myself to get my head right and focus on my play and not the money involved. I wanted to start myself at the micro-ist of micro limits so I can keep myself in check.

Day 2 on FT, I played all NLHE games, some headsup, the mook and 1-table sngs.
Besides the HU, things didn't work out, I really hated going out in the middle of the pack in the mook with KK vs AK.

I managed to make my money back in a 2 table 5+.50 coming in second for $27
and ending up at 106.81.

So there's my first couple of sessions. I'm keeping my head over water and have mostly forgotten I'm playing for peanuts. Its a good exersize so far and I hope I can keep my head on straight.

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kurokitty said...

Isn't it interesting you've found all this success after playing just once at the $5 mixed game at Poker Cats Arena???

Just imagine what your progress will be like after subsequent visits!


Keep up the good work!