Friday, April 28, 2006

If you haven't yet..

Read Jordan's post about blogging. Good stuff.

I'd like to explore peoples reasoning behind starting and keeping a blog.

No time to write now though....damn this working for a living shit.

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Sloejack said...

I'll probably put something up over the weekend since it's slowly becoming the topic dujour but to provide the short and simple answer, I blog because I am. I think and remember better when I write and from day one with my blog my goal had always been to think and learn and use my blog as the catalyst as well as the repository for those things. The only thing I still wrestle with from time to time is on trying to maintain a strict focus on poker or to use it as a stream of conciousness recording device. Having kicked it around in the past with a couple of the more prolific and respected posters in the community (BG and Pauly) I've settled into the happy medium of primarily posting about poker, but if something else enteresting crosses my mind I'll blog about it too.