Thursday, December 02, 2010

One week!


It's finally coming and I can hardly contain myself!!

I've got to get a to-do list together so I don't forget anything. At my advanced age I've finally learned not to depend on remembering more than three things at a time, so here goes.

I need to get my travelling music together. My 60GB iPod bit the dust early this year and I did not replace it. It was probably my 5th ipod, so I gave up. I have my phone though, so I'm culling together a 5-10 GB list for Vegas. In the last couple days I replaced some older music I had been longing for for awhile, namely Sebadoh's Bakesale, The Cure's Three Imaginary Boys, and Fugazi's13 Songs. I also got ahold of some newer music such as Fang Island, Vampire Weekend, and Kings of Leon. I'd also like to give the gang over at Coventry music blog a big high 5 for finding the complete Mushroom Jazz series online.

I ordered a bounty the other day, hopefully it gets here in time.

I've taken Paulys 'Invading Vegas' post and taken most of his tips to heart.

I plan on packing as light as possible, so I won't be winning any best dressed awards this year, also I'm on the fence about bringing my laptop. Other than the plane ride, I don't seeing it being of much use, but we shall see. I'd be happy to hear an opinion or two on this. What else, Oh money. I've withdrawn some $ from FT, I'll be crossing my fingers that it gets here in a week, if not, no worries. I don't really plan on eating any insane meals. With 3 kids and a wife to provide Christmas for, its hard to justify dropping three bones on some fancy hunks of meat, although I must admit I'd really enjoy it.

As far as extra curriculars I want to just go with the flow. My only real appointments would be Saturday's tournament and tilting back a few glasses of yummy brown liquid with OhCaptain et al.

What else? ahhh, the last longer challenge. I have filled the final spot on the team with xkm1245. XK has been playing the blogger series for a pretty long time and will certainly be a great additon to the Rock and the maniac.

I'm really looking forward to seeing some folks I havent met and those of you I have.

You kids be careful out there, at least for one more week.


Wolfshead said...

Which one of us is which?

23skidoo said...

Ahh, look at the links closely. As JJOK would say, always link yourself!

Wolfshead said...

Ah, didn't know there were links. Didn't matter just wanted to see your opinion. Gotta set down and get a post in before Vegas. Just haven't wanted to lately.

OhCaptain said...

I bring my laptop. The MGM is doing free wifi, I think, but it can be nice to get photos off my phone and camera and see them on a bigger screen. I do pack REALLY light. Don't be shocked to see me wearing pretty much the same thing all weekend. Most my bag is filled with camera gear and bounty.

I can't wait to tip a few with you! See you in a week!