Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BoDonk a donk

Once again I took down the Bodonkey..yay!!

This time I came into the final table as the leader and gave it up with about 4 players left.  With three left, Smokkee had a nice lead on the table and I was second. I pushed QQ and was called by wwonka's AT which obviously turned into a FH for him. The very next hand I pushed AJ and smokk doublled me up with AT. I took my time and finally got a few hands in a row.  After a bit, I was in the BB with 2Td and faced a 3x raise vs smokk...I decided to see a flop. I flopped 2P on a 5d Tc 2c board with smokkee holding K7c. I check called the push and dodged all his outs.

Willwonka and I both mentioned deja-vu since we were in this spot just a couple weeks ago. I played the hammer on the first hand of heads up and wwonka just had no chance... I got TT, AQ, AA and finished him off with JTd vs Jx.  Good times.

Next week everyone gets their change to tilt waffles as he has a bounty on his head, so sign up early and we'll see you Thursday if I can make it.

Register for the Bodog Blogger Tourney!!!

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willwonka said...

good game.. .again. Maybe 3rd time will be the charm for me.

smokkee said...

T2 ?? really ??

congrats on your 2nd win.

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willwonka said...

Hey, I just noticed or should I say that it was pointed out to me that you linked to the "evil" wonka. Not only do you have to bury me twice headsup; but now you are linking me to the "evil" wonka.

That's a real fine how do you do. lol.