Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am a boDONKEY

Awesome Tourney, Great Prizes....and I win. What a country!

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I went through a few hands that were key to the final table for me. I'll try not to bore you too much, but wwonka had such a massive chiplead on the table, I'm proud of the comeback.

Here's my lowpoint on the final table:

My buddies come to save the day here. I make the dreaded early position min raise and get a call from NewinNov. He commits to TP and I hold on.

wwonka was making medium sized raises and getting alot of folds On this hand I put him on a weak ace and went with my gut. I really didn't expect a call.

Here's another hand where I felt he was making a stealy move. I made a re-raise of his smallish looking bet and checked it down.... OH and nothing beats the JACKACE.

I finally take a lead with this one. I bet the turn when I thought I was ahead.

And I take out columbo with this: Astin is right...Aces are easy.

And here's a truly nasty hand when I take out CEM. I call the BB and he raises just enough for me not to fold.

And here's a masterful play of the hammer for me. I raise and smoof-call wwonka's re-raise. Obv I jam the flop and he sucks out.

This got us to fairly even, but I kept the pressure on and got cards when I needed them. Good times!


willwonka said...

Good Game...

Yep, towards the end, whatever I had, you had at least one better.

I almost folded that Ace little hand; but I just thought it might be good.

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