Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Foxes, Fishies, and Flying

Hello again folks!

I'm gently trying to urge myself to be productive here on my little space in the internets.

As most of you know, once you take some time off from anything it's pretty hard to jump back into the game. Since writing for me is mostly catharsis, I need to push ahead when I'm feeling blogged down or blah.

Right now I'm not particularly motivated to write other than for the sake of writing, so I will just plug away and you folks will just have to bear with me.

I finally got around to downloading Firefox 3, and I've been tweaking it a little here and there. I don't know if it is actually faster. It does feel that way, but possibly that is because I deleted about 6 add-ons that I wasn't really using. I've downloaded my third theme now and can't find one better than the Default so far. I imagine a lot of developers are still tweaking things for FF3. So does anyone have any suggestions for add-ons or themes?

Add-ons I use: Adblock Plus, Firebug, Delicious Bookmarks ( del.icio.us/23skidoo ), GooglePreview, Greasemonkey, Hyperwords, Scrapbook, Stumbleupon, Sxipper.

I flung come cards over at PokerStars a good bit last week and luckboxed into some decent sized scores for myself. I'd like to get some $$$ off there and don't want to wait the 15-?? days to get a check, so if anyone wants to trade Paypal or FT $ let me know. It's really weird how I can do so well on one site and burn $ at another. There must be something tied to full moons and the mating rituals of the West African Spotted Drunken Lemur.

Its time to FLY.....

Next week I'll be back in NY. I'm hoping the NYC crew finds the time to get together and sling some cards on Monday or Tuesday. At least you guys know I'm not afraid to donate by now.....

The week after that is OKIE VEGAS. I'm once again very excited for this years festivities not excluding eating a chicken fried steak as big as my head , check-raising locals, and passing out on the nearest chair (doh).

Thanks for stoppng by and see you (you know who you are) soon!!!

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